Sylvain Augier vous présente Le PIANA


Board the PIANA

The ship is boarded via the rear ramp. If you have a vehicle, a crew member will help you to park on the Car Deck. We invite you to take any luggage and objects which you may need during the crossing with you (toilet bag, warm clothes, medicines, books, etc.).

On the starboard side, an escalator provides access to the Reception on deck 8. A lift is also available. The Purser and the Maître d’hôtel will welcome you there and will supply you with the magnetic card needed to open your cabin and will explain to you where it is situated. Passengers travelling in Pullman seats are also invited to check-in at Reception before proceeding to the Pullman Lounge.

We inform you that for reasons of hygiene and allergies, pets are not authorised in areas reserved for passengers. They must either travel in your vehicle, or, for dogs, in the kennels (air-conditioned).

For your safety, access to your vehicle and to the kennel is forbidden once the ship has departed and during the crossing.

Life on board


For your relaxation or entertainment, you have a choice. On deck 9, “Le Figuier” Bar is open until 11 pm and on deck 10, “l’Arbousier” Bar is open in high season only. Take advantage of its terrace during the summer months.

You may watch a program on television or read the local and national press as you wish. For children, a Play Area equipped with games and a video screen is available near “Le Figuier” Bar, from where you will be able to supervise them with complete peace of mind.

Be our guest at the Cinema on deck 9, at about 9 pm. Movies are shown free of charge. Other passengers may also prefer to take advantage of the pleasures of a sea crossing with a stroll along the Promenade Deck (Deck 10).

Your evening meal and your breakfast


Every evening, “Le Piana” Restaurant is open from 7 pm to 9.30 pm on deck 9. We offer a selection of Corsican inspired dishes. Served at the table and prepared on-board by our Chefs, you will be able to taste all the flavours of the “Island of Beauty”.
And, why not round off your pleasure with a wine menu offering vintages from the different regions of Corsica, and allow yourself to be tempted by our own particular favourites. Our staff is at your service to help you to choose.

At each table, a bottle of Corsican spring water is offered by the Company to welcome you.

If you are looking for a faster option, opt for “Le Palombaggia” Self service Restaurant. Open from 7 pm to 10.30 pm, and situated alongside the restaurant, it offers a wide range of dishes and products at very affordable prices.

A buffet Breakfast is served at “Le Palombaggia” Self service Restaurant one hour before docking at the port. Get your fill of energy and enjoy the epicurean delights of our buffet: pastries, bread, butter, Corsican preserves, fresh fruit salad, all accompanied by black coffee, milk coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

If you are looking for a slightly lighter breakfast, opt for “Le Figuier” Bar where you will be able to order an “express menu” breakfast, including a hot drink, 1 fruit juice and 1 pastry.

Your accommodation in a cabin or in an armchair


For passengers travelling in cabins :

For 1, 2, 3, and 4 people, your Cabin is equipped with all the facilities you may require during the crossing : adjustable air-conditioning, shower, toilet, towels, shower gel, soap, radio. You will also find two bottles of Corsican spring water offered by the Company.
Free television access is also provided broadcasting all the main national channels including Canal +.

In order to locate your cabin aboard :

  • Cabin numbers starting with 1 are in the yellow zone "Broom" at the rear of the ship on deck 8,
  • Cabin numbers starting with 2 are in the blue zone "Columbine" in the middle of the ship on deck 8,
  • Cabin numbers starting with 3 are in the purple zone "Crocus" at the front of the ship on deck 8,
  • Cabin numbers starting with 4 are in the green zone "Euphorbia" at the front of the ship on deck 9.

For passengers travelling in armchairs : 

Pullman seats are situated on deck 8. The lounge is equipped with personal luggage lockers, showers and toilets. Please remember that you must check-in at the Reception before proceeding to your seat.

General information


After General information on weather, opening times of the bar, the restaurant and the cinema as well as the programmes, menus and safety instructions can be found posted at reception at all times.

You have just found your cabin. Before doing anything else, get to know the safety instructions shown on the door of your cabin. When you leave it, take a few minutes to find the way to your meeting point where lifebelts can be found in case of abandoning ship. In all cases, follow the crew’s instructions scrupulously. They have done special training to manage emergency situations.

For any questions, you can ask the Purser or the Maître d’hôtel who can be found at reception until the departure of the ship. After departure, and until 11pm, you can ask staff at the different points of sale who will find the best person to answer you. During the night, and only in case of real emergency, you can contact an officer on watch on the bridge through a telephone in the reception area.

Through its quality management system, La Méridionale shows its ability to provide a regular service conforming to the requirements of its clients and to legal and regulatory requirement.

Technical specifications

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n/m PIANA 

Launched : 2011
Length : 180m
Width : 30,5m
Speed : 24 knots
Crew : 45 persons
Passenger capacity : 750
Car capacity : 200
LGV capacity : 2500 ml
Cabins : 200
Pullmann : 50



Plan of the ship

Download plan of the ship

Smoking areas on board

We inform you that all of our ships, harbour stations and agencies are non-smoking (Decree nº 2006 - 1386 of 15 November 2006 fixing the conditions of application of the ban on smoking in public places).
In accordance with the regulations, for the comfort of passengers who will come after you and for safety reasons, we thank you for not smoking in your cabin or in the passenger areas