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All year long, embark on our lines of the freight to Corsica or to Sardinia and benefit:

  • From the experience of teams of professionals to your listening,
  • Of the assurance of the load of a capacity of fixed freight, defined contractually.
  • Of the security in the boarding thanks to the existence of a video portico in Marseille which photographs and measures your vehicles.
  • Of the security on board for the location favour: In the saisissage of your material In the installation of easels to relieve the crutches of your trailers during the crossing In the labeling of the refrigerated vehicles according to your instructions (temperature)
  • Of the fast treatment of files in case of disputes intervened during the operations.

Comment nous trouver à Marseille ? 43° 18’ 49’’ N / 5° 21’ 50’’ E


We are extending the free surveillance service for trailers in our boarding car parks -now available during the week- for those who are waiting for availability and have not been able to board at the terminal for vessels going to Corsica.

The freight department of the Marseille agency is at your disposal to explain the conditions for this new service.

* except trailers carrying dangerous goods or travelling under controlled temperature conditions

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