What is a mixed ferry ?

" PIANA ", " GIROLATA " and " KALLISTE ", you're boarding on a mixed ferry.


Why mixed ?

Because these ships, certified ISM & NF en ISO 9001: 2008 - 14001 : 2004, are designed to transport passengers, private passenger vehicles, camper vans but also lorries and trailers containing different goods, whilst strictly respecting international maritime regulations and recommendations on safety, security and the environment.

In the very opinion of our customers, travelling on mixed ferries is to choose a certain ‘art de vivre’.

On board you will find all the amenities and comforts that you wish in order to enjoy a peaceful trip: welcoming staff, high-quality cuisine inspired in Corsica and prepared on board from fresh ingredients by our chefs, large decks for walking around, Corsican music in the background, spacious cabins and lounges and a cinema.

The theme of your stay on board will be relaxation. You can take advantage of the space, the sea and various activities that you will find on board: lounges, bars, restaurant, cinemas and decks for walks.

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