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In 1931, Henri and Félix Rastit created the Compagnie Méridionale de Navigation that was known by the initials CMN.

At the time, the company concentrated on freight activities.

Links to the Corsica, the lsle of Beauty, started in 1937, for the transport of goods only and in 1976 the company became for the first time co-concession holder for the public service to link Corsica and mainland France.

In 1988, the company moved to passenger services and one year later it opened a line to Sardinia as a continuation of the service to Propriano [see our story ].

So the company has changed and evolved gradually through the years. It has repositioned its activities but kept the satisfaction of its passengers and carriers as a priority. This is the reason why all of the company’s personnel is active in offering clients a pleasant welcome, high quality and personalised service.

In order to reinforce its identity, in 1998 the company decided to adopt the commercial brand:


In 2010, La Méridionale is revamping its visual identity and that of its ships. A new logo has been unveiled:






2017 logo
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