Key figures


  • 500 people serving our clients on board and on land.
  • A modern fleet to transport passengers and rolling goods: « GIROLATA", "KALLISTE", and "PIANA"
  • (3 agencies in Ajaccio, Bastia and Marseille for direct reception of clients in the main ports
  • 18 to 20 crossings per week between Corsica and mainland France, 4 crossings per week between Sardinia and mainland France,
  • 4 crossings per week between Corsica and Sardinia (The support of a European group: STEF
  • Port agents recognized for their quality: shipping agent SORBA in Propriano and the agency PAGLIETTI in Porto Torres (Sardinia)
  • A distribution network of more than 1000 travel agencies all over Europe

Some figures for 2016

We carried on our Corsica and Sardinia lines:

  • 285,460 passengers and their 112,878 cars
  • 56,097 large/heavy goods vehicles and 13,843 new cars or rental cars, that is 789 km of freight 
  • 2,587 passengers and their 959 cars on our Sardinia lines

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