The charter for diversity

The Charter for Diversity in the Company


To encourage pluralism and to search for diversity through recruitment and career management is a factor for progress for the company. This kind of action contributes to its efficiency and to the quality of its social relations. It can have a positive effect on the company image with respect to its clients, its outside suppliers and consumers, in France and in the rest of the world.
The Charter for Diversity adopted by our company has the aim of showing our commitment in France to favour cultural, ethnic and social diversity within our organisation.

By virtue of this charter, we commit to:

  • 1. Heighten awareness and to train our directors and employees involved in recruitment, training and career management in the challenges of non-discrimination and diversity.
  • 2. Respect and promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms and at all stages of human resources management which are in particular recruitment, training and promotion of employees.
  • 3. Try to reflect the diversity of French society and in particular its cultural and ethnic diversity within our employees, at different levels of qualification.
  • 4. Communicate to all of our employees our commitment in favour of non-discrimination and diversity, and to provide information on the practical results of this commitment.
  • 5. Make the preparation and implementation of a policy for diversity a subject of dialogue with personnel representatives.
  • 6. Include in the annual report a chapter describing our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity: projects implemented, practices and results.

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