REPCET: real time plotting of cetaceans

La Méridionale has become the first maritime company to equip its entire fleet with the cetacean plotting system: REPCET.

Every day, our ships cross the Pelagos Sanctuary, a maritime area with a rich and outstanding selection of wildlife, and have to cohabit with the whale populations which may be found there.  

Our undertaking to protect cetaceans is part of a responsible management approach to our activities committed to in 2005 and designed to reduce their impact on the environment.

REPCET was designed by Captain Frédéric Capoulade and Pascal Mayol, respectively Chairman and Director of the association Souffleurs d'Ecume.

Developed in the frame of the Pelagos Sanctuary (87,500 km² Mediterranean maritime area), REPCET is a system designed to be deployed everywhere where collisions with large cetaceans represent a danger to protected species.



In June 2009, La Méridionale installed a prototype of the cetacean plotting system on its ship the Scandola in order to carry out tests. After 2 years of use, the results were conclusive: the Scandola received 131 alerts from other ships and itself issued 12 alerts.

Since 2006, every year, 6 to 8 officers from the company have followed the "Navigation and Cetaceans" training course (taught by ENSM) which has three objectives:

  1. to describe the different types of species which may be found in the Mediterranean
  2. to explain their presence in this zone
  3. 3. to present the measures designed to prevent the risk of collision.


Where is the Pelagos Sanctuary situated?



The Pelagos Sanctuary is an 87,500 km² maritime area which is the object of an Agreement signed between Italy, Monaco and France which aims to protect the sea mammals which live there. 
It covers the coastal waters and pelagic zone of the area between the headland of the Giens Peninsula and the Burano Lagoon in southern Tuscany.  It also includes the waters around many islands, including Corsica and northern Sardinia, and smaller islands such as the islands of Hyères, Liguria, the Tuscan archipelago and the Strait of Bonifacio.

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