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Informations et réservations

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Abnormal loads

Our ships can house a certain number of abnormal loads

  • Oversized vehicles
  • Transport of live animals
  • Animal carcasses
  • Unaccompanied rolling freight
  • Transport of goods at controlled temperatures

Oversized vehicles

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La Méridionale operates mixed cargos that transport only rolling freight, accompanied or not (RO-RO). The dimensions of your vehicle are absolutely necessary to give you the correct price: length, height and total laden weight.
Outside the following dimensions (18.00 m, 2.55 m, 4.20 m, and 40 Tonnes) your vehicle is considered as “oversized”. In order to check the feasibility of your transport, please send the freight department at your port of departure a detailed sketch giving the length, width, height, weight and the distance between axles.

Transport of live animals

The transport of live animals on board La Méridionale ships is possible under certain conditions; concerning for example the transport of horses, a certificate of disinfestation of your vehicle (horsebox or livestock truck) must be supplied to us by the competent veterinary authorities and only from Corsica to mainland France. However, some categories of animals are not authorised to travel. Please contact us for further information.

Animal carcasses

The transport of animal carcasses is also possible on our ships. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the packing of these products in hermetically-sealed containers and at controlled temperatures is imperative in order to avoid any leakage which could lead to a refusal at embarkation.

Unaccompanied rolling freight

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You can also send your rolling freight without a driver on our cargos: that is lorries, combinations of vehicles, dry or refrigerated trailers and cars for sale.
After establishing the transport document, you vehicle is taken over by our personnel to be loaded, secured on board and unloaded at the port of arrival. Once on board, each vehicle is lashed down using chains and supports, for safety reasons.

Transport of goods at controlled temperatures

The supply of electricity for refrigeration systems of refrigerated vehicles is provided by the Company. Shippers who would like to connect their equipment must mention the temperature or temperatures that correspond to different compartments on the transport document. A label will be then given which must be affixed under the refrigerating unit on the vehicle. An extra refrigeration charge corresponding to 5% of the amount calculated on the basis of the linear meterage will be made.
The shipping company will not be responsible for damage to goods that might result from defects or breakdowns of the refrigerating unit of the vehicle or its thermostat. You must check that the voltage supplied corresponds to what has been requested. Connection on board is carried out by our electricians in your presence in accordance with the instructions on the label.

Lashing of goods onto vehicles

Loading of the vehicle must be carried out in such a way as to ensure that the goods cannot become dislodged under the effects of the movements of the ship. The responsibility of the shipper would be entirely engaged if the goods became dislodged.

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