General boarding formalities

For any information concerning departure and arrival times of the day, call our INFO TRAFIC line on
00 33 811 88 13 20.

Pursuant to the Order of 4 June 2008 on conditions of access and traffic in access-restricted areas of ports and port facilities and the issue of travel documents, all passengers must present identification to Company personnel at the different boarding controls (foot passengers at the terminal or in the pre-parking vehicle control area).
Failure to justify identity may
 lead to passengers being denied access on board.


To complete your boarding formalities, remember to present the registration documents for your vehicle as well as identification for all the passengers appearing on the ticket.

Are you on foot ?

If you are boarding without a vehicle, present yourself to the check-in point at the latest 1 hour before the departure of the ship. You will board using an access reserved for foot passengers. Then go to reception to collect the keys of your cabin. You will be shown where your accommodation is to be found (cabin or armchair).

Are you travelling with your vehicle ?

Present yourself at the check-in point at the latest 1 hour before the departure of the ship. Hang the boarding card for the vehicle on your rear-view mirror.
A member of the crew will show you where to park your vehicle on board.
Passenger vehicles are embarked according to the loading requirements of the ship and not according to their order of arrival.
Once on board, put the hand brake on, put the car in gear and check that your lights are switched off. Do not activate your alarm - it could go off at sea. Remember where your vehicle can be found.
We advise you to take bags and items that you may need during the crossing with you (all our vessels are air-conditioned).
For safety reasons, access to the garage is prohibited after the departure of the ship. The garages are monitors at all times by a system of video-surveillance.

If you are in a group :

For safety reasons, it is imperative that the group all be present in order to proceed to check-in. To facilitate boarding for all, we invite group leaders to present themselves at the start of boarding in order to proceed to the necessary formalities and then to present themselves with their group when the paperwork is ready.
In case of delays, group leaders are requested to inform the harbour stations concerned in order that the latter can organise boarding accordingly.
Our Groups Department is at your disposal for any further information. To make a request, please complete the contact form or contact our Group advisors: see contact details.

Important :

  • We reserve the right to resell places  belonging to passengers who arrive less than 30 minutes before the departure of the ship. We invite you to go directly to the harbour station in case of last-minute problems (details on the maps for each port).
  • During operations of embarkation and disembarkation, you must never park within the safety perimeter (less than 50 metres from the ship).
  • We invite those with reduced mobility to make themselves known as soon as they arrive at the harbour station by switching on their hazard warning lights, in order to be able to park the vehicle near the lifts of the vessel (make the request at the check-in point).

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